DJI Mini 2 review – The perfect mini drone in 2020


DJI mini 2, the drone of the year 2020, at least if the mini 2 can live up to the superior specs that manufacturer dji announced, a miniature drone with a high resolution fully stabilized 4k camera; and its range is supposed to dethrone even most professional drones and of course it’s supposed to record super high-resolution photos, as well as if that’s not enough it’s supposed to be light enough to avoid registration in most countries.

Now let’s take a closer look all together at the new dji mini 2 from manufacturer DJI



DJI manufacturer upgrades its smallest drone massively, though you cannot really see the changes right away visually; the new dji mini 2 looks pretty much like its predecessor only smaller details differ, but not only the looks stayed the same, also the weight did not change, luckily if the drone had gained weight it would have passed the magical 250g border, drones that weigh more than 250g have to be registered in most places; it’s time consuming and annoying that is why one of the central purchasing arguments of the dji mini 2 is its low weight of only 249 grams. The build quality does not set new standards, but it is high for such a miniature drone model, nothing feels loose or too fragile all visible cables are well protected against natural wear, the ventilation openings prevent dirt and moisture from entering the drone’s body.
So far i could not find any significant weaknesses, the first disadvantage that comes to mind is the material; dji chose to build the shell because of the weight issue, they could not pick aluminum or carbon fiber, instead they used regular plastic still, the mini 2 can take some bumps though its sturdiness cannot be compared to its bigger and tougher but also much pricier.


DJI MINI 2 Features


DJI Mini 2 Camera



Let’s talk upgrades which new features and functions are aboard the new dji mini 2. I remember the moment when i looked at the list with the specs, they cannot pack this technology of an advanced sounding drone into a toy sized drone model it’s impossible. Well they did it, the major highlight of the dji mini 2 is its camera, simply one word 4k. The super small and lightweight mavic mini 2 is the first drone in its class to offer fully stabilized 4k recordings, it is absolutely stunning to have a high-res 4k camera built into this miniature drone model, you get the maximum video quality from a miniature drone.
Slightly wide angled videos have an overall crisp, even in the corners, the recordings show only a minimal amount of distortion, you can easily enhance the video’s look by adding a tiny bit of digital
sharpness on the computer.
From a such small drone, you cannot possibly expect more, the new 4k video feature is a fantastic upgrade, it puts the mavic mini series into another league than all its miniature
competitors available on the market, of course the dji mini 2’s camera can not be compared to one of the more professional cameras that manufacturer dji also offers but it is the best miniature camera i have seen so far. What’s missing though is picture styles and also you don’t have a lot of
possibilities to manually set up the camera.

Sample 4K Video of dji Mini 2 camera from Gab Scanu Channel


DJI Mini 2 Photos

The dji mini 2 can also take beautiful photos, they’re crisp and clean and have a decent resolution. You can record single images, take high resolution panoramas or you can use the self timer, the biggest news is that, you can now record raw photographs with the tiny mini 2, that’s great news for all the ambitious photographers out there who want to properly edit their files.


DJI Mini 2 controller and the transmission system



Another major highlight of dji mini 2 the controller and the transmission system, the Remote Controller is rather big but it is slightly clunky, for a reason the mini 2 got an upgrade that must be mentioned, it has a maximum transmission range of up to 10 kilometers that equals more than 6 miles, i’m not sure if the mini 2 can really fly out that far because it’s simply forbidden to fly out of sight but what i can say, you can fly out far and the signal is incredibly reliable.
There is no consumer drone on the market with a stronger transmission system, the dji mini 2’s transmission system even beats most professional drones also the design of the new remote
control is convincing, okay a small flight telemetry display is missing but everything else is well thought through all buttons are in the right places, the extendable antennas also function as
a smartphone clamp, below it DJI hides the cables to connect the remote to the smartphone,
that way you will never forget or lose the cable anymore.


DJI Mini 2 flight time

With an average flight time of approximately 26 minutes the mini 2 does a good job
but like all other drones it stays below the half an hour. If you order the multiple charger together with the drone then you can charge your batteries via a power bank outdoors, that is a nice way to get through a full day of flying and filming easily, i love being able to recharge my
batteries on the go.


DJI Mini 2 safety


Though the dji mini 2 is a super lightweight drone, it features a gps glonass and galileo satellite module that allows the drone to safely travel back to the home point in case of a connection loss or other problem, battery level is low the aircraft will go to the home point in 10 seconds, also the battery sends a warning once it reaches a certain level, it also alerts you once it detects that the drone has to return to the home point because of the distance, that is an incredibly helpful safety tool.The safety features of the dji mini 2 are far beyond most other in-class drones.
the flight characteristics of the drone are pretty outstanding keeping in mind its miniature size, operating the drone is intuitive and straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of training literally, everyone can fly the drone with ease whether a pro or an absolute beginner.
Thanks to the bottom sensors the drone can nicely keep its position and doesn’t drift off, it hovers safely instead so safely that one could actually put aside the remote control and simply take a nap the drone wouldn’t fly away it would hover in place and then autoland once the battery level turns low. Also the mini 2 can handle higher wind speeds, surprisingly well you can see that the
mini 2 starts to shake noticeably but don’t worry that is a good thing it leans into the wind, it doesn’t travel away and it holds its position nicely.

The dji mini 2 is not one of these typical toy drones that you unwrap and then fly it straight into a wall, no it is really not one of these drones, instead it might even be the ideal drone for beginners, it is super user friendly everyone can operate, and safely fly the drone that’s because the drone is packed with safety features and safety functions, don’t worry crashing this drone.


DJI Mini 2 video features from DJI Chanel:





To wrapping up, definitely the dji mini 2 surprised me the most in 2020, DJI the manufacturer made it to put highly advanced technology into a toy-sized drone, 4k, RAW photos, 10 kilometers, … If you’ve ever played with the thought of investing into a drone but you haven’t yet maybe because you were scared of flying it into the wall, or maybe because you couldn’t afford one of these professional drones then now is the moment to get yourself a mini 2 drone really highly recommended, it’s an absolutely stunning drone for its size and price absolutely amazing.


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